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I am a Professional Psychic, Spirit Medium, Healer, Angel Tarot & Oracle Card Reader, Master Numerologist, and Dowser. Together with Spirit I can answer questions about love, health, finances and career through the use of Cards or my pendulum and charts to connect with High Self (the Master Teacher and channel of information from Spirit).

I can connect to bring about healing and support from God, Angels of Light, the Holy Spirit and more.

I can answer “yes/no” questions from your loved ones who have crossed over or they can send you a message through an oracle card they choose for you. I can also answer questions about your pets who are both here and in the afterlife.

As a Spiritual Clearing Facilitator I can work directly with your own High Self (Higher Intelligence) to identify, clear & replace negative programs from this life, parallel lives and past lives. I access your own subconscious programs, limiting beliefs and harmful energies, then replace them with positive programs to clear your Soul Records (also known as your Akashic Records).

My readings and clearings bring about mental, emotional, and physical healing for yourself and your loved ones. Empowering and supporting you with answers to your questions for all areas of your life including relationships, soul-mates, career and health.

Vivi Stockwell, Psychic

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How I Can Help You

My Unique Reading

Over many years I have developed a Unique Reading based on my work with Spirit and the Angels. I’ve found it to be the most direct and powerful way I can help my clients get clear and move forward in their lives.

Clearing Programs, Blocks and Interference

If you’re interested in really getting to the root cause of a current life challenge and clearing it away I suggest a Spiritual Clearing session.

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Everything around us is energy and numbers are not the exception. In fact they are pulsating and vibrating all around us and within us. We can feel their vibration. Like a perfect rainbow, they can harmonize with us within our body. Each number has a distinct function, a different story to tell us. And from that story we can learn more about ourselves, our talents, strengths, and our life purpose and lessons.

Know Your Numbers: Pathways & Cycles To Spiritual Truth by Vivi Stockwell

What My Clients Say About Their Readings

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